Christopher was born and raised in the Lower East Side, where his parents immigrated from the Dominican Republic. When he wasn't stacking cans in his father's bodega, he attended local public schools and afterschool programs. 

Whether managing the retirement fund at IBM or founding two community gardens in NYCHA's LES Infill I and II, Christopher has always been investing in the future. When ICE illegally detained his neighbor, Christopher rallied his community and got him released, securing his future in the country he immigrated to.

Christopher currently works at the Arena where he is building the community to support the next generation of progressive civic leaders and organizations. He was a member of the Young Professionals Board at Defy Ventures, where Christopher guided previously incarcerated people through the process of starting their small businesses. Today all three businesses he mentored are thriving, allowing their owners and their families to re-imagine their lives.

Christopher’s passion for his community can be seen in his work with Elizabeth Street Garden, Bowery Mission, University Settlement, Chinatown Working Group and others. He has been working to unite the different neighborhoods in Lower Manhattan throughout his life and will continue this mission within the Democratic Party.